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Introducing...Multitudes Mondays!

Introducing...Multitudes Mondays!

Ever dream of a world where Mondays feel like Fridays and conversations with strangers aren’t awkward?

Where you can just be and be seen as yourself — without the precursor of any checked-box identifiers or distractions like your name, your voice, or your face?

Introducing: Multitudes Mondays.

Every week, a portal to the wrinkle in time we call the Multiverse opens for 30 minutes.

And every week, we invite you to leave the familiar terrain of your orbit to explore, play, and connect in ways you didn’t know you longed for. All for free, and from the comfort of your screen.

Here’s how it works

You’re paired with an unknown someone plucked from an eclectic collection of entrepreneurs, creatives, and generally interesting humans like you.

Together, you and your partner will journey through an out-of-this-world experience shaped by games and prompts and guided by a robot (specifically, this dancing, dabbing robot named Carla).

Unlike the mundanity and predictability of Mondays in this universe, Mondays in the Multiverse are never the same: Your partner and the prompts change, new features get added, and of course, you’re no longer the you that you were the week before.

So come back often — and invite your friends.

Infinite possibilities await you. Infinite chances to discover the deep spaces within yourself and break the barriers confining and hiding our multitudes.