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We've opened a portal to the Multiverse!

We are now live with our app! Plus, we've got a special pop-up event coming up...
We've opened a portal to the Multiverse!

This past week, we hit a major milestone – we ran our first series of Multitudes sessions.

Sessions where users didn't have to install any plug-ins to modulate their voices or use an external app (like Zoom) to enter. All they had to do was click a link and – boom – into the Multiverse they go.

Oh, and where Carla ran entirely by herself.

She's alive, she's alive, she's alive!

In total, we ran four rounds of sessions, each with multiple pairings running simultaneously. This week's sessions were primarily intended to test the functionality of the app and pressure test various parts of the experience. Needless to say, we learned a ton – and we're continuing to explore ways that we can refine the experience. And we're already delighting people! Over half of the pairs that we made asked to be connected after their session.

(Oh, notice my pronoun there – we. That's right, you guessed it – I am no longer alone in this. I have a team! Well, I've always had a team, I suppose – an ardent group of supporters who have been cheering me out throughout this process. But now I have someone who wants to build this with me. I'll be introducing this person soon enough. Trust, they are awesome!)

It's been difficult for me to process just how significant of a leap this represents. From running this all by myself using a bunch of cobbled together tools to now having a fully shippable product. It's a journey that started with a simple desire to create meaningful connections. Together, with our development team, we've built a fully functional experience engine, within which we can insert any kind of modular activity that Carla can facilitate for two people.

It's bananas, y'all.

As part of our testing, we're hosting a pop-up event next Friday, October 15. Basically, we're opening up the Multiverse for an hour for anyone – that's right, anyone – to jump in and explore the Multiverse. Invite a friend, a family member, anyone who you think might enjoy trying out the experience – and see who you might discover!

Hope to see you in the Multiverse!

You can check out the trailer here: