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Your Brain and the Universe

Your brain and the universe are more alike than you think.
One of these is a snapshot of the universe, the other your brain – can you guess which is which?

Did you know?

The human brain has one hundred billion neurons,

each neuron connected to 10,000 other neurons

that form 100 trillion connections.

Sitting on your shoulders

is the “most complicated object in the known universe.”

I read a story today

that compared the human network of neurons

and the cosmic web of galaxies

and found an uncanny resemblance

Just as your brain contains 100 billion neurons

the universe contains 100 billion galaxies

the balance between the pull of gravity

and the expansion of the universe

forms a cosmic web of string-like filaments

an image that looks strikingly similar to your brain.

Which made me wonder:

is every personas deep as the universe?

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